How come you do not have sales or specials?

We don’t believe in gimmicks. We think that offering terrific and unique groceries at even better values, day in and day out is the way to go. We don’t do sales or hot specials and we don’t have rewards cards. We know that to keep our customers happy, we must bring you great food at a great price, every single day. The only time our prices changes, up or down, is if our costs change.

How are you able to carry these products at low prices?

Because we negotiate tooth and nail to get the best prices possible. We go directly to the source and work with manufacturers to get the best deal possible on our products. By cutting out the middle man, we’re able to keep our costs low, so we can pass those savings on to you. We’re all about value and having the best price in town is something we’re proud of. Plain and simple.

How do you select the products you carry?

Every Thursday at 2 p.m. our managers, supervisors, office staff and buyers meet at our home office in San Diego to taste and talk about any new food we’re considering. We “oooh”, we “ahhh”, we “yuck”. Once we decide we love something, we talk about price. If it’s reasonable and if we can get a great deal, then it’s on our shelves in about a week or two. Simple as that. (Now you know everything about us and have all the power in this relationship).

I can not find my favorite product anymore, what did you do with it?

There are a few reasons we’ve stopped carrying one of your favorite products:

The manufacturer simply doesn’t make it anymore.

The cost of the product went way up and it wouldn’t make one bit of sense to sell a jar of spaghetti sauce for $8 each.

The product didn’t sell very well for us, so we decide to discontinue it to make room for a new product.

How can I request that you carry a product?

Talk to us! Either send us an email or stop by your neighborhood Barons Market and talk to our team. We discuss ALL product requests and if we can get the product in question in, we’ll ask for a sample so all of us here can taste it and figure out if it meets our high standards of quality and competitive pricing.

If I request a product, does that mean you will automatically carry it?

We know that you love what you love. And if you request a product, and it meets our standards of taste, quality and price then heck yeah we’ll bring it in!

Can I order products online?

No. We’re not that fancy…yet.

How come everyone at my local Barons Market is so darn attractive?

First off, thank you. Secondly, we’re happy to be doing what we love so we guess that makes us pretty cute.

No really, all of your employees are really great and seem to be really happy. How do you do it?

We have to admit, we’ve got great people. We hire people that love food and love what they do. We treat them as part of our family and invest a lot of time to train and support our incredible staff. Just know that when you see one of our employee’s smile, it’s totally genuine. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.