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Barons Market Introduces Specialty Olive Oil and Vinegar Bar

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Olive Oil Vinegar Bar 3
If you want to buy Tuscan herb olive oil and Bordeaux cherry balsamic vinegar in the same place you buy paper towels, you’d be out of luck – until now. Barons Market has brought olive oil and vinegar tasting stations to grocery aisles in all six locations, merging the specialties of a boutique store with our all-natural, everyday products.

Ten exotic olive oils and 14 flavorful vinegars fill shiny silver vats at each store’s tasting station accompanied by top-notch bread for dipping.

Olive Oil Vinegar Bar 7


Customers can expect to find exceptional flavors, including citrus habanero olive oil and honey ginger white balsamic vinegar along with classic balsamic and high-quality extra virgin olive oil. When a shopper discovers his favorite, 12-ounce bottles are ready to take home for $9.99. The olive oil and vinegar bar first appeared at Barons’ Murrieta location in late 2015. Now, Barons has expanded the tasting stations to all six stores and plans to include the feature in its newest location opening in North Park later this year.

Barons Backroom Beer Pairing Featuring Ironfire Brewing – June 22

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Ironfire Brewing

Summer weather and backyard bashes go together like Southern California and a cold, craft beer. Showcase the tastes of summer at Barons Market’s Backroom Beer Pairing, featuring Inland Empire’s Ironfire Brewing on June 22. This backroom bash not only tastes good, but does good, as Barons Market will donate 100 percent of proceeds from our six San Diego/Inland Empire locations to Pug Rescue of San Diego County and Animal Friends of the Valleys.

Barons’ Backroom Beer Pairings transform loading docks and stock rooms into food and local brew speakeasies. Friends and neighbors will gather at our neighborhood stores to sample Ironfire craft brews paired with appetizers made from the market’s selection of all-natural ingredients.

The menu includes:

• The Nühell India Pale Lager – brewed like a lager, but hopped like an IPA – to welcome guests
• The Devil Within Double IPA – a brew of citrus and stone fruit flavor – paired with summer watermelon feta salad with arugula
• 51/50 IPA – a classic San Diego-style IPA – paired with chicken satay skewers
• Vicious Disposition Imperial Porter – big, bold and brewed with locally harvested avocado honey – paired with beef and brie sliders
• 6 Killer Stout – brewed with 100 percent Arabica hazelnut coffee – made into a “boozie” ice cream float

For a deliciously refreshing start to summer, head to one of Barons Market’s San Diego/Inland Empire locations from 6 – 8 p.m. on Wednesday, June 22. Space is limited, so purchase $15 tickets today.

To learn more about Ironfire Brewing, please visit

Behind the Scenes of a Barons Food Panel

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Food Panel Group

Barons Market promises a ten-minute shopping experience, delicious products and the best possible prices. With these guarantees, it’s no wonder people often ask how we make it happen.

The answer is simple: a bit of teamwork and a lot of tasting.

Every week, our managers hold a panel to taste each potential product before it makes it onto our shelves. Our managers pack a small room to passionately debate whether or not a product is good enough for our customers.


Food Panel Todd

Take pasta sauce as an example. Have you ever noticed how many different types of pasta sauces are available in a typical grocery store? All you want to do is make spaghetti, and you’re overwhelmed with the options for sauce. At Barons, we taste all the all-natural options before they make it to our shelves and choose only the very best ones to carry. We’re here to save you from facing 20 pasta sauce options and trying to blindly decide which one might taste best.

Food Panel Oscar

Think of us as your personal shopper. We do the evaluating so you don’t have to. When we taste new products, we assess them based on the following questions:

• Do you like this product?
• Do you like the taste?
• Do you like the price?
• Are the ingredients all-natural?
• Do you like the packaging?
• Is it properly labeled?
• Would you buy this again?

Food Panel Kind

If a product wins a majority vote, we do our best to bring it to your local Barons Market. If we love the product but the price is too high, we try to negotiate it down so you don’t pay too much for the good stuff.

When a product makes it to our shelves, it’s safe to say we’ve already spent hours discussing it, tasting it and deciding if it gets the Barons seal of approval – which only about ten percent of products do.

Food Panel Buzz Beans

We also discuss customer requests and trends at our food panel meetings. The things you say to us in the store make it to the meetings and we figure out how to meet your needs. Have you been on the hunt for organic snacks? Let us look into that. Did you try an outstanding dip at a farmers market? Let us know – it could make an appearance in our next food panel. We want what you want, and this is how we make it happen.

We understand that tasting delicious food every week may not seem like hard work, but it remains at the core of Barons Market. We would never offer products that we wouldn’t feed our families or ourselves, and as our customers, you are part of the Barons family. Every time you shop with us, you can have the confidence that what you’re choosing from is what we have in our pantries – and we like to think we have pretty good taste.

Organic vs. All-Natural: What’s the Difference?

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Walking down a grocery aisle, you see “organic” and “all-natural” stickers on everything from food to soap, but do you know the meaning behind the labels?

Produce 1

One major difference distinguishes organic from all natural. Simply put, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) must certify anything labeled “organic”. Its stamp of approval means that the ingredients included in the product did not encounter pesticides in any part of the growth and manufacturing process.

Often when plants are grown without chemicals, they are smaller and not as flashy as the huge, perfect-looking produce we’re used to seeing. While the produce may be less aesthetically attractive, it’s better quality and chemical free.

While being certified as USDA organic is important, the certification is expensive, especially for the local family farms Barons purchases food from. Often these small, local farms grow pesticide-free products but cannot afford the official certification. They are organic without the sticker.


On the other hand, “all-natural” doesn’t have a formal definition. You could technically put an all-natural label on anything, but Barons holds products to a high standard.

To us, all-natural means no preservatives, artificial colors, sugars or monosodium glutamate (MSG). We always check the ingredients in the products we choose because even if a product is labeled all-natural, it may not fit our definition.

Ninety-six percent of the products on Barons’ shelves are organic or all-natural, but we’re not stopping there. We have committed to bringing our customers the best products available and plan to reach our goal of 100 percent in the coming years. When we say “good food,” we don’t simply mean good-tasting food; we mean food that is good for your health and good for your body. Being tasty is just an added bonus.

Staying Cool with Specialty Sodas

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Sodas 3

Looking for ways to beat the summer heat? Barons Market has you covered with more than 65 specialty sodas in stock. Specialty sodas are craft concoctions made with very high-quality ingredients or old-fashioned sodas reminiscent of the fountains during the “soda jerk” era.

Try incorporating our refreshing specialty sodas into fun warm-weather drinks this season. For the kids, our old fashioned root beer makes incredible ice cream floats and you can turn any flavor of soda into one of these fizzy popsicles.

Traditional cocktails get an exciting twist when you add untraditional flavors. Mix the best Mule you’ve ever had by combining real Ginger Beer or Maple Bacon soda and your bourbon of choice. For a refreshing backyard barbeque beverage or something to sip on during a warm evening, combine Huckleberry flavored soda and vodka.

Our most popular specialty sodas vary between old and new flavors. Classics such as Bubble Up, Coca Cola and Crush in a glass bottle evoke a sense of nostalgia that is hard to pass. On the other hand, unique craft sodas like Leninade, Main Root Ginger Brew and Saranac Shirley Temple provide a bubbly break from standard choices.

While generic soda brands might seem like the safe bet, they don’t provide the high quality and unique flavor profiles consistent with specialty sodas. You won’t see flavors like Bitter Lemon, Huckleberry, Maple Bacon, Vanilla Cream and Real Ginger Root Beer lining the aisles at most grocery stores, but then again, Barons isn’t like most grocery stores.


Guide to Summer Wines

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We love summer!

The warm(er) weather, long days and summertime cuisine are calling our name. Add a perfectly paired glass of wine into the mix and we might have just found heaven on earth.

Summer Wines Blog 1

Sandy Hanshaw, fellow local business owner and wine pairing extraordinaire, offered her expertise to create a “Guide to Summer Wines.” Sandy’s restaurant, The Wine Pub, brings neighbors and friends together in Point Loma for an extraordinary selection of handpicked wine, craft beer and gourmet food. Sandy helped us pair some of her favorite wines with classic summer dishes you can find at any Barons Market.

Summer Wines Blog 2

For soft cheeses, pair with sparkling wines and a dry rosé. The French Rosé The Wine Pub is pouring right now is delicious with crisp notes of green apple and pear.
For fruit salad, go with a complementary fruit wine. Try a white blend or light Pinot Noir. I particularly enjoy a white blend from Paso Robles that is a delicious compliment to many dishes.
For spring salads, always pair with Sauvignon Blanc. You can choose a domestic one or go New World with one from New Zealand.
For warm days, choose from any of the wines mentioned above and you won’t be disappointed. My personal favorite at The Wine Pub is our Belle Cassel Prosecco. I just love enjoying a glass of bubbles on a warm San Diego day.

Summer Wines Blog 3

Pairing wine and hosting summer parties doesn’t have to feel intimidating. Swing by your local Barons to try the pairings above or try a taste at The Wine Pub. Now you’re well on your way to the perfect taste of summer we’re all craving. Cheers!

How to have a Naturally Sweet Christmas

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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American consumes roughly 47 pounds of cane sugar and 35 pounds of high-fructose corn syrup per year from food.

Everyone knows sugar is bad for you, but how can you avoid it this holiday season? It’s not impossible!

But fear not! We’re here to present some of our favorite sweet treats of the holidays without filling your body with sugar. Choose from a selection of treats sweetened with all-natural ingredients, such as beet juice, instead of  high-fructose corn syrup.

Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

  • Bark Thins Blueberry Quinoa
  • Silk Holiday Nog
  • Knudsen No Sugar Added Cider & Spice
  • Tru Sweets Candy Canes
  • All natural Gummy Bears & Sour Worms in our Bulk Department to dress up your Ginger Bread House
  • Dried Hibiscus, Lemon and Orange to fancy up your holiday cocktails
  • Nut Trays

Happy Holidays and Happy Eating!

Barons Market featured in this weeks San Diego Reader!

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Check out this great story about writer and foodie Dave Good going vegan for a couple of weeks, after attending our Vegan Taste Team Meeting!

Healthy, budget-friendly, kid-friendly lunches for the New Year!

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We were on San Diego’s KFMB Channel 8 News this morning talking healthy, budget-friendly and kid-friendly lunches! We have a variety of awesome on-the-go snacks that are perfect to pack in lunch box. Our favorites include Justin’s Peanut Butter squeeze packs, local Grombomb Healthy Rehydration drinks, our very own Quinoa Edamame Salad and locally made Mamma Chia Squeeze snacks!

Barons Market Featured in Gourmet Retailer Magazine

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Check out this article about our kid-friendly selection of snacks and foods in the latest issue of Gourmet Retailer Magazine. Kids can be gourmands too you know.