Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese…yes please.

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We’re not saying that you HAVE to try this cheese. We’re just STRONGLY SUGGESTING that you try this cheese.

Barons Market Ice Cream

We all scream for Barons Ice Cream!

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Barons Market Ice CreamIs it just us, or does every day in Southern California feel like a warm summer day? And nothing tastes better on a warm day than cold and creamy ice cream (or a nice chilled glass of wine wine…or maybe and chilled craft IPA…oh whatever..back to the ice cream). We are ALL about bringing you fantastic products at a value and couldn’t find a delicious ice cream for a even tastier price…so we made our own! How great is that? We’ve got all the classics: Rocky Road, Chocolate Brownie (my personal favorite), Lemon Sherbet, Vanilla and more. But the “coolest” part (hehe) is the price. We’re selling large 56 ounce tubs for only $3.99 each and the pints for just $2.69. That means more ice cream for everyone!

Behold…the majesty of the garlic

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A customer brought us a tub of locally made Majestic Garlic spread and quite honestly, we had no idea what to do with it. The package said it was made with fresh raw organic garlic and was raw, vegan and gluten-free. Well whoop-dee-doo.

Fabulously Stinky Cheese

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Gourmet Cheese

Rougette …the name alone sounds delicious. I’m talking about our Bavarian Red Rougette, a soft triple cream cheese that’s simply habit-inducing. It’s stinky, creamy, pungent and nutty. It’s an awesome addition to any cheese plate. I’m having visions of shmearing it on a French baguette with my friends tonight: Chardonnay and DVR.

What’s for lunch? Introducing our new Salad Bar!

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Barons Salad Bar

Barons Salad Bar

I’m a sucker for a good salad bar. There’s a Souplantation across from the Barons Market in Point Loma that I frequent every other week for lunch. I know it’s wrong when we have perfectly fresh and delicious pre-packaged salad options at the store but still…there’s something about making my own (we can get to my control-freak nature in another post).


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Meet Kym Nord,

Our Temecula Store Manager. She considers Barons her home away from home but when she’s not here, Kym loves spending time with her family. She is absolutely crazy about dragonflies, loves to watch hummingbirds zoom around the yard, and listening to the birds chirping at their feeder. She also has one of the best laughs we’ve ever heard!


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Jack Tone Red & Wine Wines in a box

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Now before you get all judgey on us, let’s begin by telling you that these wines come from one of our favorite wineries, McManis Family Vineyards.