Shaking things up with Vegan Smart Demos – April 17th

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Vegan Smart Picture


Protein generally comes in perishable form (eggs, meat, beans and cheese) so finding convenient and portable sources can be tricky. Two popular options for health-conscious people on the go are whey and plant-based proteins.


Walk this Whey…
Whey is a byproduct of cheese which is made with milk. Once cheese has been created, the milk used creates a liquid. That liquid is further processed and that’s how you get whey. Since whey is a dairy byproduct, it is a complete protein and low in lactose content. Even though it’s low in lactose content, what little lactose it has is just enough to keep you feeling full, which can help with appetite management and ultimately, weight loss.


Unless you have that ‘Vegan Feelin’
Plant based proteins are also great, but a single serving of it is not complete. The way to ensure you’re meeting your daily protein goals is to combine plant-based proteins. That handful of walnuts may not fit the bill, but add it to, say, a quinoa and black bean salad and you’re getting there.


If you need to get your plant-based protein on the go, we recommend Vegan Smart. This brand of protein combines pea, hemp, chia and potato protein sources into a complete mix. It’s healthy and comes in delicious flavors like vanilla, chocolate and chai – all vegan and naturally flavored and sweetened. Stop by and have a taste of Naturade’s Vegan Smart All-In-One nutritional shake in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Chai on April 17 at your local Barons and let us know what you think!